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What is VICIdial Dedicated hosting

Customer service is an important criterion in the business world. Changes are taking place in the way businesses interact with the target audience due to the changing behavioral pattern of customers and the demand for improved customer experience. Our software is exclusively designed for call centers and is used by inbound and outbound calling teams. We are an open-source contact center solution with predictive dialling capabilities.

We have hundreds of servers in our private hosted clusters that we maintain just for our hosted call centers. We use only tier 3 data centers with multiple internet backbone connections and redundant power solutions. All these features in addition to our wide range of tools and services help you develop a long-term relationship with your customers. You need to pay only for the features you use. We are committed to supporting and strengthening call center businesses and modifying their functions.

How dedicated hosting services can help you out?

Our dedicated hosting services can be helpful to receive high-quality phone calls through Voice over IP (VoIP) systems. By providing more stability and reliability we ensure enhanced security with no worries over outages and any other issues. The guaranteed uptime will boost your business profits as well. The service provides lesser expense by removing the need for acontract with your phone company thereby allowing you to become your own phone service provider. Thereby, the only cost you have to pay is your dedicated server fee. Your equipment expenditure gets eliminated as you operate via computers or tablets because you don’t need to purchase additional landline phones. A dedicated server provides customization to your plan by suiting your business’s special needs which are in contrast to a traditional phone service provider. The variety in customization options gives you the flexibility that you benefit from the hosting service.

Let the expert handle your worries.

While offering a wide range of services, our committed team of professionals provides assistance in diverse fields. We also offer a wide range of support planes including 24*7 emergency support. We will make you rest assured of remaining in contact with your customers through our full-scale communication platform. We make your work efficiency with the market automation triggers. Our key insights in sales and marketing practices uplift your business development.

Our experts are available to assist with any help, such as those related to migration and onboarding processes. We are committed to your sales and marketing goals. The requirements of our customers are of utmost importance and so our features are more flexible. A more professional experience will be provided with decreased inconsistencies in data and by eliminating the necessity for complex data duplication. In short, by getting your money and time saved you can experience better integration with us.

Transform your business digitally by switching to a reliable and trustworthy dedicated server hosting for your inbound and outbound call center. Increase your business agility by benefitting from constant innovation with Vicidal.host.

Let your business reach pinnacles

Give your agents the power to transform the leads into long-lasting customers with Vicidial.host. When a call is closed with an interactive conversation and a satisfying response, the success of your business is guaranteed. Manage agents with digital interaction recording, performance management, gamification, quality management, analytics, and more. Draw, motivate, retain, engage, and scale the best agents for the specified customer.

Optimize workforce and engage with customers with a robust suite of workforce optimization tools. Look after the aspects of performance and quality management while motivating and managing agents to provide exceptional customer experiences. Manage your call center efficiently to obtain maximum productivity.

Factors that transform business

Connect and collaborate with a platform that powers messages, meetings, voice, and video across the existing devices. Deploy quickly without the need for any third-party services with XYZ. Our comprehensive architecture gives you a limitless global scale with reduced IT overheads. Our software is designed to blend with the manner of your work.

Right from administration to adoption, our software packs intuitive business communication features in a system that can be managed easily. Empower your business with XYZ to delight customers and power your human and digital workforce to increase the overall agility of the business.

Achieve impressive business results and reimagine the customer experience. Our intelligent inbound and outbound dedicated hosting servers enable you to engage with customers on their preferred platform. Streamline your operations while using the power of the dedicated server, automation, and powerful hosting to increase your business agility and exceed the expectations of your customers.

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