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Accelerating business growth with flawless communication

Strong communication between the brand and its customers is the key to a successful business. Customers feel valued when they are heard, their thoughts understood, and their concerns answered. This, in turn, makes them stick with the brand and convert into long-lasting customers. For the former, you just need the right software at your disposal.

We help businesses with the ultimate software to enhance their customer relationship management while adding life to their customers’ journey. Whether you are reaching out to your customers or they are reaching out to you to fulfill their business needs, call center software is the essential element in every aspect. The call center software will help the business manage outbound and inbound communication with leads and customers across the world via varied channels such as social media, email, SMS, live and voice chat. Also, you can record the interactions with the customers, register complaints, and track the productivity of the agent.

The dedicated team of experts

Bid goodbye to worried concerned with marketing automation. Our professional team has developed a full-scale communication platform to help you stay connected with your customers. Our specialists have advanced the market automation triggers which are designed to carry out background tasks with utmost ease.

Our experts are available round the clock to help you with the effortless migration and on boarding processes. We are bound to achieve your sales and marketing goals. We deliver you the best sales and marketing practices to boost your business growth.

Our features are specifically articulated as per the requirements of our customers. Save your time and money while receiving better insights, improved reporting with reduced data inconsistencies. Eliminate the requirement for complex data duplication and integration with us.

Vicidial Software –Enhance Performance

Get your hands on the software that allows efficient communication with customers via a single hub. You do not need to switch between numerous business profiles or social media platforms. integrate the live chat option with the website that allows you to save your conversations in your customer relationship management folio. Also, you get notified upon the return of a customer. Also, it provides a website widget that includes call-back requests, contact form options, and more. Also, it helps organizations pool requests from clients and distributes them to the teammates effortlessly.

All these features combined with all-around customer support enhance your customer management performance.

Implementation of integrated software

Experience the potential of an integrated platform with XYZ. Along with customer relationship management and marketing, we provide a wide range of integrated services modules such as live chat and help desk. Our comprehensive services help you transform your regular customers into delighted ambassadors. Moreover, we provide an all-around customer view of every all the customers to help you analyze their journey across support, sales, and marketing departments in a unified platform.

Obtain valuable insights with advanced reporting that offers meaningful and deep insights into your sales and marketing processes. Form the best decision for your business with an enhanced reporting module.

Multiple channels of communication

Manage your call routing, customer service KPIs, phone numbers, and support executives from a single platform. Get CRM integration and customer support tools to enhance the quality of the call with reduced errors and improved caller satisfaction.

Access local toll-free, mobile, national and international number catalogs. The software enables you to easily forward incoming calls to mobile and landline numbers. The software features an automatic virtual attendant that allows interactive voice response to promote call flow logic with effective call management.

100% Customer satisfaction

Get unmatched support and services with us. We deliver an integrated service module to assist growing companies to provide world-class support and transform visitors into delighted customers. In the digital age, satisfied customers are the marketers and brand ambassadors of every business.

We offer a helpdesk system and integrated live chat functionality.

You need to pay only for the features you require, and not for the entire suite. Don’t spend recklessly on what you do not need. Instead, invest in your needs.

The need for call centers to evolve and address the requirements of their customer continually is ever-evolving. The dedicated open-source software presents businesses with a range of features and tools to be used regularly to motivate their efforts and live up to the expectations of their customers. The sizeable user base at call centers supports and strengthens the manner of working of businesses and modifying their functions. Such solutions can be easily transformed and integrated with applications effortlessly.

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