We Vicidial.host is a specialized division of Oxtrys (Parent Company). Vicidial.host is established in the year 2021 with an objective to deliver high quality and premium solution for call centers.

After realizing the growth in the Vicidial and GOautodial solutions which are hosted on dedicated servers of Oxtrys, it was decided that a separate division will be launched so as to support Vicidial and GOautodial customers.

Its aim is to provide all related services attached to the call center solutions for small, medium and large customers.

We intend to keep high transparency with our customers and hence we give clear configuration of servers, 2 datacenter location to chose from and interestingly an idea of how many customers can approximately use the server.

Here we also try to give fast support over Whatsapp chat to make it convenient and easier for customers.

We are always standing with you and try to work out on solutions together. Success.